A Prayer For Money That Really Works

This prayer is one that I have personally used and adapted along the way to resonate with soul’s purpose manifestation. The original Huna Prayer is from ‘Beyond Ascension’ by Joshua David Stone. It is recommended that you say this prayer once a day for thirty days, or five times a day for six days. You can also make it a part of your daily meditation and prayer practice to reinforce the energy.

“Beloved Presence of the Divine, I hereby declare with all my heart and soul and mind and might divine abundance made manifest through personal fortune and success.

I am moving beyond fear in order to fulfill Divine Plan on Earth and beyond.

I personally pledge to open myself to financial wealth in order to fulfill
my soul’s purpose and its group and individual service commitments.

In the name of Love, I accept my divine heritage right now, and thank Thee for the timely answer to this prayer. Divine Will be done!

And So It Is.”

Repeat all of the above aloud three times, then say the following:

“My beloved subconscious mind, I hereby ask and lovingly command that you take this thought form prayer to the Divine, along with all the manna and vital force needed and necessary to manifest and demonstrate this prayer.”

Breathe the prayer into the Universal Love Current. Wait fifteen seconds, then say:

“Great Spirit, let the Rain of Blessings fall! Amen”

Feel energy coming from Universal Love Current back to you. Soak it in.